Welcome to my Blog


I’m Shwan Jalal, I’m 34 years old and I have had the privilege of playing the game of football professionally since I was 17. I started my professional career at Spurs and went on to play for the likes of Peterborough United and AFC Bournemouth where I was part of the clubs historic rise through the leagues.

I am currently playing at Chesterfield FC who are in the National League.

I started this Blog because I chose to play in the most unforgiving position of all…. in goal! Goalkeepers are coming under more and more scrutiny from so-called ‘experts’ and a lot of the criticism has ranged from harsh to scandalous. Therefore the aim of this Blog is to try to provide an insight to the life of a goalkeeper and current issues surrounding football in general.

Who should England’s first choice goalkeeper be? Is V.A.R really the answer? How is the position of goalkeeper evolving now that managers want their keepers to be the extra man when in possession?

I have been really lucky in my career and have played under some outstanding managers and coaches.  I have experienced the joy of promotion and the lows of serious injury.

However, I don’t pretend to be perfect and Morecambe and Leyton Orient fans can definitely back me up on this! But I can firmly say that I have always given 100% in every one of the matches I have played.

You can follow me on my Twitter page here. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy my posts.



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